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Terms & Conditions

3D Printed Parts Disclaimer:

    These are a made-to-order parts manufactured using desktop(consumer-grade) 3D printers. Our parts are guaranteed to be functional, but 3D printing is not a flawless manufacturing technique, and as such, there may be some minor imperfections,blemishes, flaws, and artifacts in your parts. 3D printing does not produce a perfectly smooth finish. Objects are created from hundreds to thousands of micro-layers of plastic. These layers are clearly visible as a very fine ridges along the sides each object.

Please familiarize yourself with the quality of 3D printed parts by viewing high-def images at full size.

Please allow up to 1 week for printing of your custom parts.

Paintball Parts Disclaimer:

  • By purchasing any of our products, you release us from any liability for anything that can ever happen to you. We are not responsible for you or anything you do with our products.

  • Some of our products have a realistic military look and feel to enhance the game of paintball. Use your head when transporting your paintball gear to and from the field. Avoid publicly brandishing your paintball gear, as not to cause alarm or terror amongst the public. We are not responsible for your actions, nor are we responsible for the use or misuse of our products.

  • You must obey all local, state, and federal laws and ordinances regarding paintball markers, air-rifles, and public safety.

  • By purchasing any of products, you understand that paintball can be dangerous, and you do not hold us responsible for anything that happens on or off the paintball field.

  • You agree to always follow proper safety guidelines; like wearing a paintball mask at all times, and using a barrel plug while not-in-play.

  • Know your paintball gun. Understand how it operates. Always practice proper safety and trigger restraint.

  • Never fire a paintball marker at anyone who is not wearing a paintball mask.

Do not expose to extreme heat. Avoid temperatures in excess of 130°F.
3Dprinted parts may weaken or deform if exposed to high temperatures.