Fresh Prints 3D specializes in 3D printing custom paintball accessories. Our products provide a tactical advantage on the field with increased realism for mil-sim and scenario paintball. 3D printed parts allow a high degree of customization at an affordable price point. Many color combinations are available, and we can print in several different materials.

We also provide custom 3D printing services. Fresh Prints 3D can help you prototype your new ideas. We work closely with clients from start to finish. Please use our contact form to get a quote on having custom parts designed and printed.

In the spirit of 3D printing and the open-source revolution, we also release many of our models under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License. This means that you can download our parts for free and print them yourself if you have access to a 3D printer.

3D printed robot - Mark II

Production Machines

We currently have two consumer-grade desktop 3D printers running and one proprietary printer in development. Our Solidoodle 2 is great for printing small parts with high detail, while our Mendelmax 2.0 is the workhorse for larger prints.

Coming soon is our own 3D printer design, the Fresh Printer (subject to change). This printer will drastically increase our production speed while allowing us to print single objects over two feet long! We'll be releasing more info on the Fresh Printer in the near future, so be sure to follow us. The printer will be Open-Source/Open-Hardware and based on current Rep-Rap designs, so it will be an easy upgrade for existing printers!

MendelMax 2.0

Build Size: 11"x8"x8"
Min Resolution: 1200 micron
Max resolution: 100 micron

Solidoodle 2

Build Size" 5"x5"x5"
Min Resolution: 500 micron
Max resolution: 100 micron

Fresh Printer

Our own custom 3D printer.
Impressive 24"x12"x12" print volume!


One of the highest costs to 3D printing is time. Each part is built layer-by-layer using a very fine bead of molten plastic. With some parts having over 400 layers, this can take an extraordinary amount of time. Some single-part prints can take over 24 hours of continuous print time if the design is large and complex. We try to charge a fair rate for machine time on our printers, so we'll make suggestions about the resolution of your printed parts. When design specs allow for it, we will print parts at lower resolution to save machine time. This helps to reduce cost for you, and allows us to get your order printed and shipped faster.

High Resolution

  • 0.1 - 0.3mm layer height
  • Higher detail at the cost of increased machine time.

Low Resolution

  • 0.4 - 1.0mm layer height
  • Lower detail in Z-axis with decreased machine time.

If you belong to the internet, then you've probably heard of 3D printing. If not, let us tell you a little about it.

3D printing is a new manufacturing technology. It utilizes a computer-controlled machine to "print" physical objects in 3-dimensions. Almost any 3D model can be imported into a printer and turned into a physical object within several hours.

What's a 3D model?

3D models are computer-generated objects with length, width, and height. You've seen them in video games and movies; these are your virtual characters, weapons, armor, and other graphics. You may also be familiar with them in manufacturing fields. Engineers use CAD programs to create 3D models of new products and tools. Almost any 3D model can be printed with a 3D printer.

How can I make a 3D model?

There are many ways to create 3D models. First you need to have an idea. Then you can start by drawing your idea with a pencil and paper, or you can dive right in and download a 3D modeling program. These programs range in price from absolutely free to several thousand dollars. My favorite programs are SketchUp and FreeCAD. Both of them can be downloaded for free. Check them out to get started designing your own products!

That sounds awfully complicated!

You're wrong. It's not awfully complicated. It's actually relatively simple, but like any other new skill, there is a learning curve to it. You can find lots of tutorials on how to use these programs through YouTube and various other websites and forums. Try not to get frustrated or give up; I assure that you can learn to use these programs. All it takes is a little practice and you'll be ready to start printing your very own product designs.

I don't have time to learn all this.

That's fine also. You don't need to know how to create 3D models; although it's a useful skill to have in the age of 3D printing. If you don't want to learn, there are still thousands of freely-available models that can be downloaded and printed. Many websites even act as repositories for free 3D models. The most popular right now is Thingiverse.

You can also try our custom Google search engine to find models from popular repositories around the internet.

I can't find the model I'm looking for.

Don't see your model anywhere? Don't have time to create it yourself? We can help you bring your product to life. Click the "Get a Quote" link to inquire about having your idea created and printed by us.

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